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  • Unredacting Pixelated Text 22. Mai 2024
    Experiments in unredacting text that has been pixelated.
  • Detecting Malicious Trackers 21. Mai 2024
    From Slashdot: Apple and Google have launched a new industry standard called “Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers” to combat the misuse of Bluetooth trackers for stalking. Starting Monday, iPhone and Android users will receive alerts when an unknown Bluetooth device is detected moving with them. The move comes after numerous cases of trackers like Apple’s AirTags […]
  • IBM Sells Cybersecurity Group 20. Mai 2024
    IBM is selling its QRadar product suite to Palo Alto Networks, for an undisclosed—but probably surprisingly small—sum. I have a personal connection to this. In 2016, IBM bought Resilient Systems, the startup I was a part of. It became part if IBM’s cybersecurity offerings, mostly and weirdly subservient to QRadar. That was what seemed to […]
  • Friday Squid Blogging: Emotional Support Squid 17. Mai 2024
    When asked what makes this an “emotional support squid” and not just another stuffed animal, its creator says: They’re emotional support squid because they’re large, and cuddly, but also cheerfully bright and derpy. They make great neck pillows (and you can fidget with the arms and tentacles) for travelling, and, on a more personal note, […]


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